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So you have an idea, great!

What are you going to do with it?

As with accessible accomodation and transport, employment also has a limitation that is sometimes beyond what a company is able to offer to adapt. This can be from unwillingness or inability to provide adequate access, adapt tasks, flexible hours and many other obstacles. Sometimes nothing other than a bespoke solution is practical. This is not an excuse for a business to not try and be accessible or accommodating.

The Small Business Initiative aims to provide an alternative to being an employee of an organisation. This approach may offer a higher level of control and adaptation to suit your needs. Especially in more complex cases where higher support and adaptation is required.

How does Wheelie Campers help?

Wheelie Campers has a team that are experienced in multiple disciplines including recruitment, website design, accessibility, marketing and business setup. We are also highly experienced working alongside people living with a disability.

The Process
Step. 1

Great you have and idea for a service, product or business. Submit an application now to start the process.

After making our initial decision to explore your idea, Wheelie Campers will be there every step.

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Step. 2

At this stage you will be in contact with a member of the Wheelie Campers SBI team. Following our simple information gathering process, you will provide us with the required content to build your site and assist with your business plan.

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Step. 3

The Wheelie Campers team performs their magic. We will purchase your domain and produce a fully accessible website. Plus we will provide web hosting and email services for the first year*

The Inclusions

Case Study

This is Eddie at the two week mark. He has his website up and running, ready for additional information to be added.

His database and YouTube channel are all working. Eddie can be seen on Fridays at 6pm Sydney time on his new YouTube Channel setup by the team.

His motivational and speaking business has been explored. Alongside his previous ideas, he is now also exploring the opportunity to discuss with businesses the correct way to communicate with people living with a disability.

Due to Eddie’s accident and speech impediment he has a limitation when communicating on the telephone.

EdwardTalks Website Display
Ted support worker portrait
Ted, Support Worker

Ted will not mind me mentioning he hit the big 70 this year. Despite contracting polio at a young age, Ted has has had an illustrious international career in both public sector and commercial organisations. He also has excellent communication skills.

Yep, you have guessed it, Ted is able to cover some of the limitations Eddie has. Ted is also now able to work in a role that fits with his level of disability and his skill set.

Seeking employment in a supportive role like Ted?

Have a disability and want to help others with a disability in a paid role that fits your skill set? We can help you to establish a service business working the number of hours you want. Contact us to find out more.

This is early days for Edward Talks and the Wheelie Campers Small Business Initiative.

To keep up to date on Eddy and the Initiative, follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Take the next step! For a free initial consultation please complete Step. 1

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    SBI Application


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      Wheelie Campers SBI Details

      Initial and ongoing IT solutions

      During first year

      Web Hosting & E-Mail
      Website Maintenance

      After first year

      Web Hosting & E-Mail
      Website Maintenance

      Details subject to change at the discretion of Wheelie Campers Pty Ltd.